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Consider this: While I love the world of fine watchmaking at Glashutte as much as anyone, I can also see the benefits for the brand of having part of its operations based in Germany's creative center. We moved our marketing and communication departments to Berlin in late 2017.

Enough business talk. What can we expect next from omega replica watches? How will omega replica watches surpass the Triple Split?

The general direction of our company will not change. We always bring to SIHH novelties that appeal to collectors' hearts.

This year we have brought in the 1815 Homage To Walter omega replica watches , and the Triple Split. These are watches that collectors will love. We also brought some watches that were slightly updated, such as the Saxonia Outsize date, which was a beautiful watch, but also a different proposition.

In this way, we will always strive to provide a variety of products. This is the only thing that I can say for certain about the future, whether it's in 2019, next year or the year following, that our approach will remain the same.

Okay, we get it. You're not going to tell us anything about new watches from omega replica watches that will be coming out in the near future. Tell us: What are your guiding principles for the next big leap that omega replica watches will take?

Let's look at the omega replica watches 1 for this. It is the best example of the brand's two main characteristics.

They are very beautiful, but also understated. These watches are functional and highly legible.patek philippe replica watches The information is organized in a very German way. These watches have a specific purpose: to tell the time.

The case is completely different when you flip the watch. The watch is opulent, decorative and for the owner only. This is the typical omega replica watches timepiece -- no frills, but with a clear function; the finest materials and resources are used to create a product that embodies these two qualities. This will never change for us.