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Omega Replica chose the calibre 9RA5 based on Spring Drive Technology for its toughest dive watches. You don't want a second to be lost when you depend on your watch for your life! The 9R05 is a calibre that has a power reserve of five days and is accurate within 10 seconds per month. Eiichi Hiraya designed the 9RA5. Hiraya has been working on the Spring Drive technology for 28 years and is still looking for ways to improve the reliability and durability of the movement. He is a man who is embodied by the Spirit Takumi and will make the best better. The 9RA5 is equipped with a new Spring Drive integrated circuit (IC), which has an IC enclosed in a vacuum-sealed package.

This IC controls the accuracy and precision of the Spring Drive movements, a quartz oscillator, as well as the wiring connecting them. It took a long time to develop the optimal structure for enclosing the IC and quartz oscillator, which were previously mounted separately,omega replica into one vacuum package. Hiraya says that since the vacuum package can't be opened after it's sealed, it was only natural to use a quartz oscillator whose performance had been carefully tested over a period of three months. The vacuum package eliminates temperature fluctuations because it encloses both the quartz oscillator as well as the temperature sensor.

The robustness of the calibre was also improved: "We strengthened the 3 o’clock/9 o’clock direction where the mainplate is weaker than the other parts, and housed all gear trains within this structural. We increased its robustness by doing this.Tudor Replica Watches The integration of three bridges that were previously separate components eliminated variations in the components and assembly, and contributed to improved transmission efficiency. "All these innovations have resulted in a Caliber 9RA5 that is robust, slimmer and has improved accuracy. I am proud of the work we have done."

You will be hard-pressed to find an even more impressive and capable diver's timepiece, whether you are a Omega Replica enthusiast, a general watch enthusiast, or a professional diver or recreational diver. Don't take my word for this, but the SLGA001 has been nominated in the Divers' category for the GPHG Awards.