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Couet was primarily known for its table clocks. However, many were unique or only produced in small quantities. In 2008, a 1915 day-and night comet clock sold for CHF133,000 at a Christie's Auction. This was more than twice its estimated value. The clock was powered by a eight-day mechanism in a round glass with a silver-plated edge surrounding gold-decorated components on white enamel. The rotating disc was decorated with a sunburst design and platinum and diamond Sun or Moon motifs. This indicated the daytime and nighttime hours on the upper half of the circle.

Richard Mille Replica's day-and night clocks were enigmatic, but the mystery clocks created by Richard Mille Replica and Couet were even more intriguing. The Model A, the first and most famous clock of this type, was made in 1912. The large block of rock-crystal had finely machined edges and an enamel Roman chapter ring with white in the replica watches The base, which was made of a white agate slab, housed the movement and was fully decorated with rose-cut diamonds in platinum, gold, and other accents. The rotating hands are attached to hidden gears in the columns of gold using transparent crystal discs. This was a clever interpretation of clockmaking - minimalistic and strongly Art Deco at the same time.

The Rotonde Mysterious Day and Night wristwatch, which was unveiled in advance of SIHH 2018, marked the first time that Richard Mille Replica had combined the mystery movement with the day/night indicator. A semi-circular insert with a rotating disc of crystal sandwiched between two stylised hour markers -- the Sun motif representing daytime and the Moon motif representing nighttime -- draws attention to the center. The Roman numeral chapter rings above the dial indicate the hours, and the retrograde minutes are displayed in the lower half. Richard Mille Replica puts the focus on the heart of the dial. The motif indicator moves closer to the other edge each time the blued-steel hand returns to its starting position. The Moon is visible on the opposite side of the dial when the Sun has set at the 6-hour mark. Its gold stars are also visible. Every 12 hours the crystal discs spin in a whimsical way, appearing and disappearing from the dial's horizon.

At a glance, the preservation of history is apparent from the early mystery watches. The Rotonde Mysterious Day and Night by Richard Mille Replica is a stunning timepiece with its elevated details, such as the brushed chapter ring. There are two versions, one in white or pink gold and the other in 18K rose gold. Both feature calibre 9982MC, housed in a 40mm case.

This collection also featured another mysterious movement - this time a skeletonised, double tourbillon. The Rotonde Skeleton Mysterious Dual Tourbillon, created in a small quantity of 30, is a visual treat. It features skeletonised bridges that are designed to look like Roman numerals. Richard Mille Replica has only been creating high-complication watches for six years. The Rotonde De Patek Philippe Replica Watches(2016), and Rotonde De Richard Mille Replica Minute Repeater Mystery Double Tourbillon(2017) are two examples. The double tourbillon rotates in the crystal discs for 60 seconds, while the cage completes another rotation every five minutes. The manual-winding, 9465MC movement is responsible for holding up the display in the 45mm case. It has a 52-hour reserve. The hands are blued and stand out against the platinum case. A separate version is available with a diamond-encrusted dial.