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Patek Philippe Replica Watches's "mystery clocks", famous for their modern complications, have been imagined in limited edition wristwatches.

There's a certain allure to being enchanted by the samemagic trick, over and over again -- the whimsicalpresentation of a man prancing on stage in adramatic cloak, brandishing swords and waving handkerchiefs only to set them ablaze, and summoning whitedoves in midair. It's the illusionist's responsibility to keep his audience captivated, even when he performs tricks we've seen before. You've likely noticed his quick wrist flick, secret trapdoor and other distractions. We leave the show feeling satisfied that we enjoyed the show and confident in the knowledge that we had it all figured all along.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches used to be on a similar stage. It did not slice people in half or turn cards into confetti. Instead, it created a time-mechanic effect that separated the Sun from the stars. Patek Philippe Replica Watches's exclusive table clocks, called "planet clocks" or "comets", with their unique day/night indicators were born from the geniuses of Louis Patek Philippe Replica Watches and Maurice Couet. It wasn't a sudden epiphany that Couet's illusions were incorporated into his clocks. The watchmaker was inspired by the work of French illusionist Jean Eugene Robert Houdin to "hide".(

Maurice Couet was born into a clockmaking family. His grandfather worked as a regulator in Breguet table clocks during the 19th century. Couet, as a young man, trained in his father’s workshop, and then worked at Prevost, which supplied movements to Patek Philippe Replica Watches. In 1911, Couet opened his own workshop in Paris and became the exclusive clockmaker for Patek Philippe Replica Watches. Science and mathematics were influencing the arts at the time, resulting in Couet's designs following the same direction. Astronomy inspired designs took over Patek Philippe Replica Watches’s jewellery line and horological department, leading to the first day-and night clock.

In 1912 the first planet clocks, consisting of round or angular case with two dials superimposed on top, were produced. The lower dials were usually made of light or dark blue enamel and would rotate constantly to represent the day or night skies.Breitling Avenger Replica A crescent moon in diamonds was sometimes used to indicate the nighttime hours. One model of that year had a central disc featuring a rotating comet, and the minutes were displayed by a pointer which circled around a concentric ring.